Staying Hydrated In Style: Outfits and Hydration Boosters for Our Breastfeeding Mums


Aussie Mums – Let’s Change The Way The World Views Breastfeeding:

Did you know that 96% of Australian mothers initiate breastfeeding on delivery, but that these rates of exclusive breastfeeding drop off to 39% by three months? By five months only 15% of infants are exclusively breastfed, and by 12 months old, only 28% of babies are still breastfeeding.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age followed by breastmilk, complemented by food, until 2 years and beyond.

So why isn’t this happening? What are the barriers to allowing women to exclusively breastfeed? The answer is multifactorial, however, what we want to focus on is the challenges women face when breastfeeding in public.

What are the challenges with Breastfeeding In Public?

Research conducted in Australia, Ireland, and Sweden studied the challenges women are faced with when breastfeeding in public. They highlighted that many women:

  • Needed to ‘make an effort to be discreet’
  • Drew ‘unwanted attention’
  • Were ‘turned away’
  • Their environment was ‘not suitable’
  • They were not wearing appropriate breastfeeding-friendly clothing

Who is The Mylk Society?

The Mylk Society is an Aussie and mother-owned premium clothing brand that designs stylish clothing for breastfeeding mothers. Their mission is to help new mums navigate breastfeeding life, whilst celebrating their new bodies and encouraging breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. The benefits of their designs are the:

  • Are designed by Aussie breastfeeding mums (so they know exactly what they’re talking about)
  • Have invisible zips for breastfeeding convenience
  • Are created with gentle fabric
  • Are made to last


Why HydroBump?

At HydroBump, we’re just here to push products onto our customers. We’re here to increase awareness of the importance of staying hydrated throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Our scientifically formulated hydration drinks for pregnancy and breastfeeding women have been crafted by Aussie Doctors and Pharmacists with you in mind. We’ve only put in what you need and taken out what you don’t. We are here to empower women at all stages of parenting and to empower their positions in society.

But Why is Hydration so important for Breastfeeding women? Breastfeeding women need extra nutrients and this is because the body is working harder to make breastmilk full of nutrients for your baby.

Lactating women need to replace fluid lost in breastmilk to maintain hydration as water accounts for 87% of breastmilk.

Did you know that breastfeeding women produce (on average) 780ml per day for the first 6 months which is equivalent to 700ml of water? This is why a breastfeeding woman needs to drink 700ml above the normal daily requirements to maintain hydration.


Can’t I just drink water? You absolutely can! However many women struggle with their fluid intake during pregnancy due to nausea and sickness, a busy schedule, work, and running after toddlers. Whilst postpartum you’re so focused on your baby’s needs, your other children, working, and life, that many women simply forget to stay hydrated. The electrolytes in HydroBump aid in hydration and enhance the water absorption process in the body by utilising the body's natural cell mechanisms – hence a hydration booster!

What Flavours Are Available?

We don’t do boring. And we don’t do artificial sweeteners. So to match your trendy daywear with The Mylk Society, we’ve set you up with a unique and popular blend of ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Sour Apple hydration boosters to choose from.


Our collaborative aim:

HydroBump's aim is to support new mothers by encouraging essential hydration throughout their breastfeeding journey with our lactation hydration drinks. We want women to explore the best ways to stay hydrated while breastfeeding and we aim to educate women on why electrolytes for breastfeeding differ from non-breastfeeding women. However, we want them to do so in style. So we’re all for saying ‘GOODBYE’ to lifting your top up to feed. We want all women to feel empowered and stylish while breastfeeding anywhere, anytime. And that’s why we love The Mylk Society.

Let’s boost your breastmilk production and hydration in style – and normalise breastfeeding in public. Visit their website ( to explore their range of breastfeeding-friendly shirts and jumpers.

Who knew breastfeeding could be so stylish! 

Sour Apple - Hydration Booster
Watermelon - Hydration Booster

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