Navigating Hydration Challenges During Your Breastfeeding Journey: The Ultimate Duo


Aussie Mum’s - Changing The Way We Breastfeed:

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Jellie – an Australian-owned and practical breastmilk collector that has been designed for effortless milk collection. By combining the power of HydroBump’s hydration booster and Jellie’s sophisticated milk catcher, we are committed to maximising your breastmilk output in a discreet and comfortable way.

Why the collaboration?

Whilst at HydroBump we encourage boosting hydration to ensure maximal breastmilk output, what most people forget is collection and storage. Whether it’s collecting milk during a let-down or if you’re feeling full, Jellie’s kick-proof and hands-free design ensures that all your hydration efforts are put to good use. No more wet shirts from an unexpected leaky breast! This handy tool not only supports breastfeeding but also minimises wastage of breastmilk. It doesn’t stop there – Jellie wearable milk collectors, in addition to collecting leaks and let-downs, also stimulate milk production through the power of supply and demand. By removing milk throughout the day, your body is signaled to produce more!

Why Jellie?

  • Unmatched Comfort: Anyone who has trialed milk catchers, they can be extremely uncomfortable. However, Jellie features a soft food-grade silicone suction port that molds to cradle the breast and ensures maximal comfort during use.
  • Discreet and wearable: It’s lightweight, portable, and perfect for on-the-go mums!
  • Kick-Proof Design: Say goodbye to crying over ‘spilled milk’. If you know, you know.
  • Leak and Spill Resistant: Designed with a flat base allows you to place it down without concerns over spilling your breastmilk
  • Customised Suction: Its innovative one-way valve allows for ease of controlling the pressure of suction for easy attachment and removal
  • Simple to clean: Dishwasher safe – now that’s convenience
  • Quality: Food-grade silicone and BPA-free
  • Capacity: The generous 120ml allows for a complete collection during a breastfeeding session without the hassle of using multiple collection devices.

 Our collaborative aim:

Our aim is the same – to support breastfeeding goals. Hydration is a cornerstone of successful breastfeeding, benefiting both the mother and baby. The introduction of Jellie’s uniquely pioneering milk catcher adds a practice and efficient dimension to the breastfeeding journey.

At our very core, we are here to promote hydration and support women with all the goodies they need during their breastfeeding journey. By pairing HydroBump’s hydration-focused goals with Jellie’s milk maximiser capacity, you can rest assured you’ve got the breastfeeding power duo on your side!

Give it a go. Visit their website ( to explore their range of breast milk catchers and storage solutions.

Let’s not cry over spilled milk. Ever.


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