The Power of Pumping on the Move – the Ultimate Breastfeeding Tools


So we did some research here at HydroBump HQ into the first breast pump ever made. And oh how far we have come in regards to breast pump since the first hand operated breast pump in 1854 which was made of a glass pipe fitted with a rubber ball (Ouch!).



A large Australian survey in 2017 found that of 246,700 women (42%) had started or returned to work since the birth of their youngest child. And of those, 74% returned after 4 months. Now imagine the stress of pumping, working, caring for your children, holding the mental load of the family and trying to care for yourself. It’s hard hard work. And for women who chose not to go to (or back to) work, caring for a child (or even multiple children), is a 24 hour relentless job that can make menial tasks seem mammoth – we feel ya mama’s.


So here at HydroBump, when we find something that is convenient, sleek, efficient and empowers mothers – we are ALL OVER IT!


So meet Tyhan – an Australian brand that has innovated  premium wearable breast pump that give      breastfeeding mothers the freedom of movement, flexibility during their day, and allows for a on-the-go lifestyle without compromising on breastfeeding. It has hospital grade suction, is lightweight and designed for comfort, and is HANDS FREE. Being a finalist of the she-com awards we understand why the Tyhan portable breast pumps are so loved by Aussie mums.


The slim and wireless design allows for discretion and flexibility during your day. We cannot stress how valuable and priceless  this is on a day-to-day (breastfeeding mama’s know!).



Pumping in general can be such a stressful task. Once upon a time, not only was it painful and uncomfortable, but highly time consuming. Being stuck to a large, noisy machine with wires and cords was not ideal (or conducive) with a busy lifestyle.


Whilst we’ve harped on about the importance of hydration during breastfeeding to optimise a breastfeeding woman’s milk supply, we haven’t yet touched on the importance of expressing mik. Breastfeeding is a feedback mechanism. The more you empty your breasts, the more it stimulates your breasts to make more breastmilk.


The collaboration between Tyhan’s breast pumps and HydroBump’s hydration boosters allows you to do both – maintain your milk supply and optimise your milk production in the most efficient and convenient way possible. So you can continue doing what you do best – taking care of business.


Portable breast pumps represent a transformative (and much welcomed) innovation in the world of breastfeeding, offering mothers unparalleled convenience, flexibility and peace of mind. Busy mums can now navigate the demands of modern life while prioritizing their breastfeeding journey.


 So lets all hydrate and get on with it (physically) – thanks Tyhan!

Sour Apple - Hydration Booster
Watermelon - Hydration Booster

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