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Hey there, I’m Dr Kitty!

Hey there! I’m Dr Kitty. Being a first time mum, I understand the physical challenges of pregnancy and the postpartum period as both a healthcare professional and a mother.

We recently had a new member join our family, my daughter Archie, and whilst she’s super adorable, it made me realise that the struggles of pregnancy and the postpartum period were very much real. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, to the current moment in time, I see no end to the twists and turns of the learning curve of parenthood. When pregnant, I was a full-time working doctor and the idea of hydration was the last thing on my mind. The constant body changes and challenges of pregnancy including nausea, water aversions, food aversions, and fatigue hit hard. So needless to say, my daily hydration intake was insufficient and fairly poor which lead to worsening nausea, dizziness, thirst and dehydration.

And it didn’t end there. The postpartum period proved to be just as challenging, if not more. After a rocky start to breastfeeding, I landed myself with some horrid food poising at around 12 weeks postpartum and found a complete inability to tolerate any fluids or food for 48 hours. Shortly after, my breastmilk supply tanked. To make matters worse, I had a bottle refusing baby. Not only was she frustrated by the lack of milk supply when latching, I was frustrated by how long it took for my milk supply to bounce back. I was drinking 3-4 bottles of electrolyte replacement drinks PER DAY to try and re-hydrate myself. This made me think, there must be a better solution. These electrolyte replacement drinks weren’t formulated specifically for the needs of pregnancy or postpartum women, they are extremely high in sugar, the flavours were artificial (and pretty horrible to be honest), and it wasn’t vegan friendly or gluten free.  

So I had a lightbulb moment – cue HydroBump.

I didn’t just want to aid women in maintaining hydration during pregnancy and the postpartum period, but aim to relieve them of the burden of having to continuously think about their hydration – we have enough to think about already.  

So join me on our journey to educate women about all things pregnancy and postpartum.

So kick back, take a sip of your curated hydration booster, and enjoy hydration!

Sour Apple - Hydration Booster
Watermelon - Hydration Booster

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